An Internal Affairs captain in the NYPD was arrested for knocking out his girlfriend, who also happens to be an NYPD Sergeant. Seriously.

Reports the New York Post:

Aaron Wright, 38, commanding officer of IAB’s Group 22, was lying in wait for 46th Precinct Domestic Violence Unit Sgt. Nicole McFarlane, 38, at her Queens home at 1:43 a.m., law-enforcement sources said.

When McFarlane pulled up in her 2006 Nissan Altima, Wright came out of the shadows and twice kicked the driver-side door, the sources said. Then he slugged her so hard with his right fist that she lost consciousness, according to court documents.

McFarlane was knocked out in the wee hours of Friday night (January 18) and reportedly the next thing she remembered was getting transported to Jamaica Hospital.

The kicker is that despite waking up with a swollen left eye and jaw, McFarlane (again, a Sergeant in the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE UNIT) initially tried to cover for Wright, saying that it was a stranger that blessed her with the fade. However, she changed her story after surveillance footage showed her account of the events was suspect.

Wright was involved in the investigation of the infamous ticket fixing scandal in The Bronx.

Wright, a 16-year NYPD veteran, was charged with criminal mischief, harassment and assault, has been suspended without pay and was released after his arraignment. We’re thinking if he was a civilian he would still be in jail, though.

Photo: NYPD