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Although his birthday was actually on January 15, today (January 21) is when Martin Luther King Jr. born day is observed as a federal holiday. Plenty of water cooler type conversations over the years, and an episode of The Boondocks, have been held about what Dr. King would think of today’s Hip-Hop music if he was still alive. While there are tons of artists he surely would co-sign, there are some particular standouts he most likely would throw his hands up in disgust at, after hearing and seeing what they’re about. 

Then again, being a Reverend, Dr. King probably would have sought ways to reach out to these ratchet artists and show them the eror of their ways. Whether it be a lacking appreciation for what condoms do, providing outstanding examples for Kl@n members to justify the return of slavery, or engaging in outright c00nish behavior, these 10 artists would be top priority for King to provide mentorship.

The thing is whether it be significant record sales or impressive social media followings, no matter how many people rally against these artists, they still have massive influence. Unfortunately that sway isn’t necessarily funneled positively. With that in mind, here are 10 rappers Martin Luther King, Jr. would try to mentor, or surely pray for.

Photo: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

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