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It seems that much of the nation (and maybe even the world) pretty much lost themselves when it was revealed that Beyoncé ’s inauguration performance was pre-recorded. According to Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Gregory Wolf, Queen Bey’s busy schedule prevented her from rehearsing for the huge performance. Which makes sense, if you really think about it.

As she preps for the latest installment of yet another global takeover,which includes hitting the Super Bowl stage,  Bey has done more than enough to show the world that she’s here to stay. No longer the extra private person whose image has been like tephlon when it comes to any potential scandals, the 31-year-old is showing more of  herself than ever before—literally and figuratively.

For more than a decade Mama Bey has won over the hearts of millions of fans, nabbed over a dozen Grammys, and pretty much etched out a huge lane in the music world. With the aftermath of this silly scandal still being remotely interesting (for about another day) experts have weighed in on what could’ve driven one of music’s biggest names to try such a thing, but it’s really not that serious.

Aside from the fact that in the grand scheme of things, whatever Beyoncé chooses to do will not change your life in any way—unless you allow it do so— she’s the last person whose vocal ability should ever come into question.

But just in case you’re still not convinced, below are 10 reasons why this lip-syncing thing shouldn’t matter.

Photo: MSNBC

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