Over the course of the past day, Black Twitter has once again boosted the culture with some of the most hilarious comments regarding the inauguration ceremonies for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.


Today (January 20) we finally saw President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris inaugurated, but not before Sen. Bernie Sanders became meme gold. Dressed like he was just stopping in amidst running numerous errands, the Vermont Senator's unbothered look while seated and socially distanced has inspired copy & paste greatness.


Michael Jordan hit a lick at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' Inauguration today (Jan. 20), and he wasn't even there. What was present and accounted for were noticeable pairs of his Air Jordan 1 signature shoe on attendees, including a pair of the coveted and pricey Air Jordan 1 x Dior collab.


Even before his inauguration this afternoon, President-elect Joe Biden is putting in work. Today’s Inauguration should be history making on multiple levels.

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It seems that much of the nation (and maybe even the world) pretty much lost themselves when it was revealed that Beyoncé ’s inauguration performance was pre-recorded. According to Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Gregory Wolf, Queen Bey’s busy schedule prevented her from rehearsing for the huge performance. Which makes sense, if you really think about […]

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Nearly half the people who tuned in for President Obama’s first inauguration, skipped the second installment. Even with Beyoncé ‘s (alleged) lip-synced rendition of the National Anthem, plus other celebrities and noted political figures all in attendance, it still wasn’t enough to get people interested.

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Earlier today, the Internets was in a huff when word came down that Beyoncé’s stunning rendition of “The Star Spangled” banner at yesterday’s inauguration was lip-synced. However, after Kristin DuBois allegedly confirmed that the R&B and Pop star actually lip-synced to her pre-recorded vocal track, the Marine Band she is a member of is now backtracking from her […]

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President Obama should have used another Bible, and not that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to be sworn in for his second term, according to Dr. Cornel West. During a discussion on poverty in America, last week, Dr. West,who has called the president a “Republican in Blackface,” cited what he sees as vast discrepancies […]

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Beyoncé and her rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” was one of the most talked about moments of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Twenty-four hours later, stans continue to flood social networks with praises, memes and other forms of adornment for their beloved Queen Bey. However, the New York Post reports some heart wrenching news, claiming that Beyoncé lip-synched the […]

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Beyoncé is in the sharing mood again, America. Lady Bey posted a handful of new photos, all focussed on her road to the 2013 inauguration. The 31-year-old sang the National Anthem following President Obama’s inaugural speech Monday (Jan. 21), and between her voice, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s red dress, the entire nation lost its […]

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Tickets to President Obama’s inauguration are given to the public for free, yet scalpers have been trying to sell them off. Late last week, Craigslist and eBay both promised not to allow any postings selling the tickets, but that hasn’t stopped criminals from trying to get over.

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Mitt Romney was able to accept defeat in the 2012 presidential election, but he doesn’t need it rubbed in his face. As many around the world tuned in for President Obama’s inauguration this afternoon, Romney wasn’t so interested in taking a look.