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Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas ain’t got nothing on this. An Atlanta woman was beefing with a security guard and when the arguing escalated to fisticuffs, she was promptly tasered in front of her kids. Yes, it was all caught on video.

There are so many struggle moments in this video there really is no proper place to begin. At the start, a dude who turns out to be some security guard is in the middle of arguing with two women. By the looks of these “ladies” they certainly have spent plenty of time kicking it in the trap. No shots. With them are a plethora of children, that we’ll assume are their progeny.

The women are basically reading the security guard the riot act after apparently being kicked out of the store he was securing, or whatever. After being called a “f-ck ni–a” multiple times, shout out to Trinidad James, the rent-a-cop basically resigned himself to let them keep talking ish while insisting that they move on.

Of course, they did not. And since kids are highly impressionable, a couple of the cast members from the live action BeBe’s Kids movie were talking smack just like their mamas. One little boy can even be heard saying, “You gay!” [sigh]

Towards the end of the nearly five minute video is when ish gets real. The skinnier chick walks into the store’s doorway to confront the security guard face to face since she found his repeated suggestion that she “Get your children” to be highly offensive. Go figure.

She gets up in the guard’s mug [Note: how he manages to still hold his camera phone while what happens next is truly incredible.] and ol’ girl starts swinging on dude after he pushed her away. The whole time he is repeatedly heard saying, “You better back it up.” After she gets multiple swings in (by now the children are crying, of course) he breaks out a stun gun.

The taser, the variety with the electrodes, gets licked off and home girl’s body stiffens like a surfboard. For a moment, everyone gets quiet when they realize what happened. Her dropping like a log was the dead giveaway. The struggle is real. Get yo kids!

We obviously don’t know the entire story, but this incident involves equal parts comedy and tragedy that we just had to share. Watch it all go down below.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop