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If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop Wired then chances are you know the inner workings of Chief Keef’s life struggle. Just about everything he’s done over the last several  months has been scrutinized in one way or another, and it’s not fair—according to Rockie Fresh.

In an interview with All Hip Hop, Maybach Music’s newest member came to the defense of his fellow Windy City teen brethren. “I do feel like people are too hard on him, because they are not doing nothin’ to help,” he explained. “When you an older person and you realize there’s an issue going on with somebody younger, especially in the African-American community, older people have a tendency to look down.

“[They] totally be disgusted by young people and the moves that we making, instead of really trying to  find the root of why its that way, and really trying to fix it.”

When he speaks of those not understanding the younger generation, perhaps Rockie missed an entire section of news where Lupe Fiasco attempted to reach out to Keef and was(allegedly) met with a barrage of Twitter threats courtesy of  the youngster. Or maybe when he speaks of “older” people he’s not talking about those in the rap game like Rhymefest who have called Keef out over the content of his music, comments of which have yet to penetrate the misguided rapper’s cranium.

Either way, Keef will be spending the next two months behind bars, that may give him time to think about making a change—or not. Who knows.


Photo: Gino DePinto