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The current undisputed heavyweight champion of hooks in Hip-Hop is the man known simply as Future. 

The Dungeon Family alumni originally made a splash with the catchy but slightly incoherent hit single, “Racks” with YC. While most people wrote the two off as a one-hit wonder that caught a lucky break, Future surprised the music world with his incredible staying power.

Is he your traditional vocalist? No. Is he your traditional rapper? Hell no. Can he craft a catchy hook that will be stuck in your head within the first five minutes of hearing it? Of course!

Nayvadius Cash went from being a guy on his 14th minute of fame to being one of the most sought after feature artists in Hip-Hop, today. How? Honestly, we have no idea. Some people just have it, and Mr. Cash has it in spades. This week’s Wired 25 takes a look at the 25 best hooks from Future Vandross’ relatively short career.

Clear your throat for some struggle falsettos and hit the jump to check it out.

Photo: Epic Records

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