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We know the wounds from Rihanna’s 777 tour are just about healed, but we had to tackle the story one more time.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Rih was questioned about the flight which resulted in a naked revolt, and more than 100 journalists turning against her.

She remembers things decidedly different. reports:

Apparently Rihanna had a “great time” on the Rihanna Plane. She insists she had no idea the Rihanna Plane ever teetered on the edge of becoming Lord of the Flies Plane. It was the Rihanna Fun Plane, in her mind, not the Rihanna Starvation and Sleep-Deprivation Plane.

From the Rolling Stone feature, which unfortunately isn’t freely online in its entirety:

I asked if she’d been following the drama online.

“What?” she says, like it’s first time hearing of it. “I knew a couple of people got worked up, but only found out toward the end.”

You didn’t hear about the rest? They couldn’t sleep, they didn’t have food, it smelled bad. . . there was almost a riot!

“On the plane?” she says. “That’s crazy!”

In that case, what was it like for her? “Oh I had a great time,” she says. “The fun never stopped for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it definitely brought a lot of awareness to the album—which was the whole point.”

Safe bet that every journalist, assistant, publicist, fan, and lucky intern on that plane would  agree with her, she did get lots of press of the whole thing.

Photo: Terry Richardson