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So last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York started off kind of slow, but got very awkward by the show’s end. There are three words to blame (or congratulate?) for this surge in LHHNY searches: Jen the Pen.

In case you’re not familiar, she’s a legend in the making. She’s also a radio star waiting for her big break, and a White person. That last  point, is what’s going to take her to the top.

Once Jen uttered the words “I’m white, honey I will get it done,” you could almost feel the mini-explosion in the Twitterverse.  Since she’s been with a Black guy (The Cons) for five years, has a child with him, and is struggling with following his Islamic life rules, Jen can always use her current situation as proof that she’s not racist. On the other hand, having a White person admit what you kinda think your White friends are thinking, is still an experience for the ages.

Next week Jen is going to get slandered to high hell thanks to Raqi’s thirst for  screen time, but until then, let’s look at 10 things we learned from last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York.

Photos: VH1

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