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Lead singer of the Foo Fighters and drummer for Nirvana, Dave Grohl, filled in for Chelsea Handler on her late night show, Chelsea Lately. 

The special guest on the show was Nas and the two Grammy-nominated musicians spoke about the upcoming award show, airing on the CBS Network this Sunday. “As a rock musician at the Grammys it is only a couple of hours per show, but then they have the pre-show with all the other awards where they give out best Polka and all the awards you never hear of. A lot of the rock stuff and the Hip-Hop stuff is in that pre-show, how do you feel that Hip-Hop is represented at the Grammys,” Grohl asked Nas.

“I think it could be a little more love,” Nas responded calmly. “Hip-Hop is making a lot of noise and should get some more spotlight.”

The two also spoke about beefs between musicians and if there is any awkwardness between each other when they meet at said award shows. “Hip-Hop is very standoffish. It’s really competitive and it’s about who is number one all the time. Sometimes it gets out of hand, definitely,” says Nas.

Check out a quick clip from the full interview down below.

Photo: E!