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Thus far 2013 has been great for Casey Veggies, who after aligning himself with Sylvia Rhone’s Vested In Culture imprint via Epic Records saw ample praise for his Life Changes mixtape. The Los Angeles rapper keeps his digital presence flowing with an appearance on the latest edition of DECODED with Life+Times. In the visual, he highlights Life Changes standout “Whip It,” and clears up any misinterpretations listeners might have in the process.

“Whip it, put it in a pot, then you make it stir/ Baby need a job and I got that work/ She was actin shy so I went in first/ How she get this fly, I invented her,” is the track’s chorus and can be easily confused with typical talks of drugs and misogyny. Young Veggies on the other hand had a deeper meaning behind his lyrics.

“I think a lot of people thought I was straight up talking about a girl on that hook, but really I was just talking about the world,” said the Peas and Carrots affiliate. “Talking about having the world in your hands and taking advantage of it. I think everybody can create their own world. So I think that ‘Whip It’ song is more about creating your own world and just whipping it, putting it in a pot and making it stir.”

He continued “That’s what’s fun about it. Me being able to put people on another side of something I’m thinking that they might not be aware of. That’s how I have fun with it.”

We won’t spoil all of the gems found in Casey Veggies’ rhymes, so check out the full sit down below.

Photo: YouTube