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Slim Shady, constantly known for his brazen and sometimes offensive lyrics, is agreeing to take things down a notch for an upcoming concert in the United Kingdom.

Falling in line with artists like Buju Banton, Em was facing opposition from gay-rights groups who claim that his lyrics are homophobic and demeaning to the gay community. Those groups, primarily Outrage! Rights group, were ultimately planning to protest his forthcoming performance in the summer of 2010 as they did previously in 2001.

Now both sides have come to an agreement and Em is agreeing to censor himself to appease his audience and keep controversy to a minimum. While he’s agreed to cut back on the defamatory remarks, he will still be free to express himself on the subject.

According to OutRage! spokesman David Allison, Em can speak his mind as long as his words don’t take a violent turn.

He  told Britain’s Evening Standard paper,

“We have a condition that he does not use lyrics that encourage or incite hatred against gay people. He is free to express his views on gay people, as long as he stays off the violence and hatred. He has got plenty of other lyrics to choose from. In recent years he has become quite well-behaved.”

Eminem will return to Great Britain in July for the annual Wireless Festival.