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Terry Richardson is that dude right now. The lighting that he brings to his photos has illuminated tons of  big names in music, the latest of which is Snoop Dogg.

Richardson teamed with the Dogg Father and VICE magazine, for a fashion journey that chronicles the rapper’s more than 20-year career.

From his younger days to the present, Snoop dons some of his favorite 90’s gear, like hockey jerseys (you remember that fad, don’t front), plaid flannel button downs, and his pimp gear.

Over the years the father of three has remained loyal to the likes of Polo and Adidas, brands of which will always be wardrobe staples. “They stay true to what they do, and they appeal to me because they won’t change,” he told VICE. “They make it the way that they make it; they stick to the script, and that’s who I am. I like to wear clothes and things that represent the same things that I represent, and those two brands, Polo and Adidas, stay true to the streets. They stay true to their look, and they make gear that fits a real player.”

As he continues his metamorphosis into Snoop Lion territory, the Long Beach, Calif. native lives between his reggae inspired threads and his classic looks.

Get into his clothing transformation below.

Photos: Terry Richardson

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