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In 2009 there were plenty of lock-ups, more than a few come-ups and some unfortunate shake-ups that changed the game.  The world lost a king when Michael Jackson unexpectedly passed away June 25 leaving the world at a standstill. Despite leaving this earth, Michael was nominated for and won an onslaught of awards for his music while having his image immortalized in the blockbuster hit, “This Is It” complete with this video brought to life by Spike Lee.

While the world mourned the loss of the King of Pop, one of Hip-Hop’s came back from a brief jail stint and rap reigned supreme, dominating headlines and remaining the buzz topic of discussion. So as we usher in the New Year, let’s reflect on these past 365 days and what made them so memorable.

Kanye West Crashes The Stage At The VMAs: Kanye was seemingly having a good year. His 808s and Heartbreaks…and he had arguably the most stunning side pieces in Hip-Hop ala Amber Rose. Just when we thought things were all good with Kanye, the rapper made a very bold, very drunken move that will doubt go down in infamy replayed for years to come. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Kanye had the crazy of craziest moments when he stormed the stage after country singer Taylor Swift won a VMA for ‘Video Of The Year.’ During her acceptance speech Kanye spoke that infamous line that’s been reprised again and again….

“I’m happy for you and Imma let you finish…but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…OF ALL TIME.”

Following his short speech he gave the infamous “Kanye Shrug” which has been immortalized in Twitter lingo ever since and walked off. He was quickly escorted out off the premises and gave Taylor Swift the ultimately career boost. If you had no idea who Taylor Swift was then…you for damn sure know who she is now. Meanwhile, Kanye’s been cast as the black sheep in music causing mainstream America to all but boycott him all together. However inappropriate and uncalled for it was, Kanye’s VMA incident remains the most memorable moment of this year. Hell, it made for good television…don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.

Lil Mama Jumps On Stage During “Empire State of Mind”: MTV’s 2009 VMAS had not one, but two crazy moments in hip-hop. During Jay-Z’s performance of “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys, a certain Brooklyn MC and dance team judge extraordinaire felt the need to storm stage and represent for her state. Who could forget when Lil Mama careened onto the stage as though she belonged, stealing the spotlight from the Jigga man. Hov’s response? On camera, he laughed it off saying “you’re T-Paining too much.” In other words……sit your A$$ down. Backstage, the big man reportedly went off, blaming MTV’s poor security for allowing it to happen.

Despite what happened on and off camera, who could forget Lil Momma hitting that infamous b-boy stance beside Hov and A-Keys looking not only like the third wheel but a damn fool. The Hip-Hop community shakes its head at you girl. No excuse, you Bow Wow look-alike…no excuse.

Perez Hilton v.s. Will.I.Am: Gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s words finally caught up to him when a manager from the Black Eyed Peas socked him in the face after a verbal altercation with Will.I.Am. According to Perez he was wrongfully attacked for calling the BEP front man a fa**ot and he posted a video online weeping about the “traumatic” incident. Will.I.Am also posted a video online denying the allegations and shaking it off.  Peep both sides of the story below.

Perez Hilton Talks About  Wil.I.Am- 

Wil.I.Am Responds To Perez Hilton-

Soulja Boy Shows Off His Remote Control Lambo Chain: Just when you though DeAndre Way couldn’t get any more ignorant with his “Rich Ni&*ga Sh&t” Youtube series, Soulja Boy took things to new heights. The 19-year-old showed off the latest addition to his jewelry collection a remote control Lamborghini chain. Both the Lamborghini and the remote were iced out in Black diamonds with their worth estimated to be well into the millions. Check the clip where Soulja Boy takes the words right out my mouth, “They never shoulda gave you ni*^as money.” SMH….

Nas v.s. Kelis: Nas and Kelis no doubt had one of the craziest years in hip-hop. The couple went from giving fans a peak into their bedroom antics via the songstress’ “Blindfold me” video, to a fierce court battle airing out each other’s dirty laundry. Kelis was pregnant with their son Knight and reportedly only eating off of gift cards. Luckily for her, she somehow managed the ultimate come-up, 51 stacks of Nasir’s hard earned money a month. Her song, “I hate you” so much right now seems more than fitting as Nas continues to empty his pockets and she tries to revitalize her singing carrer. See what happens to a woman scorned brothas….be careful…

Hurricane Chris Performs For The House of Representatives: In another WTF moment of the year, Hurricane Chris took coonery to new heights when he performed for members of the Louisiana House of Representatives. In June of 2009, a video surfaced of Chris appearing in an Easter suit in front of the house by request of his godmother, Representative Barbara Norton. Chris makes a “special” guest appearance braided and beaded up attempting to get the reps “Ratcheeet…ratcheeeet” with a performance of “Halle Berry.” There’s not much else to say about this one. Let’s just file it as the “Epic Fail of The Year” for Hip-Hop. SMH…

Run-DMC Has Street Named After Them: Run-DMC was commemorated in a new way when a Hollis, Queens Street was named after the rap innovators. The corner of 205th Street and Hollis Avenue was renamed “Run-DMC JMJ Way” in honor of the trio on August 30. New York’s Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council supported a petition for the street renaming and the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year as well.

T.I. Comes Home Early, Everyone Else Goes In: T.I. shocked fans of the Grand Hustle mastermind when he suddenly popped out of prison months earlier than expected. T.I. was originally supposed to be released from an Arkansas federal prison in March of 2010 but was released in December to a halfway house. News of his release spread quickly leading some to speculate that T.I.’s either the luckiest felon on earth or the biggest snitch of all time. Either way who really cares? Since his release he’s been reportedly in the studio and is set to finally marry longtime girlfriend/ baby momma/ obvious ride or die chick, Tiny.

While T.I.’s a lucky felon, many of his other Hip-Hop counterparts weren’t so lucky, in particular three of his “patnas” from the South; Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne.

Lil Boosie Goes To Jail: Boosie Bad Azz no doubt had a rough time this year. Things took a dramatic turn for the worse in November when a judge determined that Boosie violated his house arrest and immediately sent him to jail. Instead of doing two years behind bars as scheduled, his prison term was doubled to four.  We won’t be hearing too much from Boosie next year, or the year after…or the year after that either. DAMN!

Gucci Mane Goes To Jail: Just weeks before Gucci Mane was set to release his State vs Radric Davis album, word got out that Gucci was in jail. Gucci was taken to jail for parole violation, more specifically for testing positive for cocaine and marijuana. He was sentenced to 12 months but is expected to be out in six. The cover art for his State V.S. Radric Davis album was more than fitting. If that’s not art imitating life….smh….

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge: Lil Wayne’s year went abruptly downhill after he made the crazy decision to plead guilty to a federal gun charge stemming from a search of his tour bus by police in 2007. Through the plea his fate was set and he’ll be sentenced to up to a year in jail in February of the New Year. Wayne will also face federal drug charges in Arizona after substances were found on his bus there. Damn Weezy…

Lil Wayne And Drake  Perform “Every Girl” With Pre-Pubsecent Girls: At The 2009 BET awards fans of Lil Wayne and Young Money’s poster boy, Drake, were shocked when the pair hit the stage to perform their hit single “Every Girl.” No it wasn’t the lyrics about relating sex to chopping up a steak, it was the bevy of little girls on stage for the performance. Wayne’s daughter and a group of her friends hit the stage to back up Wayne and Drizzy, who mind you sat lamely on a stool, and helped the duo proclaim that they wanted to Fawk  every girl in the world. Hmmm…innapropiate much? Peep the clip below.

Gone Too Soon; Hip-Hop Deaths:

DJ Mr. Magic: Mr. Magic was a hip-hop pioneer and had a span in Hip-Hop of well over 20 years. His beginnings were at WBLS in New York working with the Rap Attack crew of Marley Marl and Fly Ty. Magic’s tenure extended to his membership in the legendary Juice crew under the alias Sir Juice. This Hip-Hop icon got props props in songs from Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Whodini all of which paid homage to his ability to open doors for those to come in the future. Hip-Hop’s flag flew at half stance October 2 when Mr. Magic passed away of a heart attack at just 53 years old.

Baatin: Another unfortunate loss in 2009 was Baatin from eclectic Hip-hop group Slum Village. Titus Baatin Glover passed away August 1. The 35-year-old founding member was found dead in his hometown of Detroit and laid to rest at a funeral attended by over 200 of his fans. During his time Baatin helped the group release their Fan-Tas-Tic album in 1997 and Fantastic, Vol. 2 in 2000.

DJ Roc Raida: Grandmaster Roc Raida passed away unexpectedly on September 19. Details of the cause of death still remain unknown to protect the privacy of the family. The first to announce his unexpected passing to the world was Busta Rhymes he took to his Twitter to say, “I am sorry 2 say that on this day at 2:05 Sept 19th we lost another incredible life…Dj Roc Raida died 2day my personal Dj is gone…”Roc Raida was an original member of the EX-Ecutioners DJ group widely noted for their turntable skills. He was 37.