Inmates Getting Tattoos on Eyes [Video Included]


Outside of bulking up in the weight room, pursuing higher education and finding religion, some prisoners of the judicial system have found new past times to keep themselves occupied while serving their bid.

A new trend starting to develop where a prisoner can get their whole eye tattooed.

Starting from experimentation, inmates have found a way to completely change the color of their eyes to red, blue, purple, whatever.

And most people thought that Lil Wayne was crazy for getting tattoos on his eyelids.  In comparison, Weezy is simply playing kids games with his inking.

Although there is an immense amount of pain in the procedure, this might just be the thing to do for some when a person gets bored behind bars.

I guess when a person can’t afford color contact lenses, this might be the next best thing.

Check below for the footage: