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Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” craze has taken over music lately and Azealia Banks is jumping in by putting her own twist to the record. 

Being a Harlem resident herself, Miss Banks takes the opportunity to hop on the nearly year-old song and release the record which has become a viral video craze around the world. “I actually did my version of “Harlem Shake” months ago and was trying to clear for my album… then this all happened!” Banks tweeted recently.

“So I said, hey f**k it, I’m from Harlem, Might as well! Who wants to waste raps?” she added. The “Harlem Shake” craze, which has nothing to do with the dance Cisco Al from Harlem made up, consists of short 30 second videos where seemingly calm surroundings turn into random madness. If you haven’t seen it, check a compilation of the best ones right here.

After that, get a listen to Azealia’s remix down below.

Photo: YouTube