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Rihanna is nothing short of a fashion star, yet her designing skills haven’t been met with praise. Rih Rih headed to London over the weekend, to debut her River Island collaboration, and wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

The Bajan star has built a career of an “I don’t care attitude,” and when constructing her line, she may not have had fashion experts in mind.

One writer in particular, Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast, was scathing in his critique, calling the clothes “hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them.” He went on to liken the “horror show” of a line to a streetwalker’s uniform, before noting the designs as being “slutty and yet tiresomely predictable.”

PEOPLE reports:

Of all the adjectives we expected to hear about Rihanna‘s first-ever fashion line (for U.K. chain River Island) — “’90s-inspired” or “skin-baring” among them — we have to admit “horror show” took us by surprise. But fashion critics called it just that, savaging her debut collection for being uninspired, underwhelming and just plain unattractive.

The show, held in an abandoned central London post office, started an hour late and ran for nine minutes — including a brief appearance by the star. It wasn’t difficult to see why the show wasn’t critically beloved, but there’s no denying Rihanna’s influence was clearly visible, from the belly chains to the see-through mesh tops to the high-slit skirts. In fact, a large part of the problem may be that the only person who can pull these clothes off is Rihanna herself.

Thus far the trip across the pond has been marred by bad luck for the 24-year-old. Aside from the lack of love for her clothing line, she was attacked by a clubgoer upset over her decision to reconcile with Chris Brown.

Photo: Terry Richardson