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Sukina Owen-Douglas and Tanya Muneera Williams, collectively known as Hip-Hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage, are taking on the challenge of fighting for women’s rights. The Jamaican-British Muslim converts are currently on an online fundraising drive for their upcoming documentary, Hip Hop Hijabis, that highlights the past three years of Poetic Pilgrimage’s growth and the barriers they help to break.

Hip Hop Hijabis follows the group as they mark their triumphs and difficult times traipsing around the globe. Filmed partly in the U.K., United States and Morocco, Poetic Pilgrimage isn’t looking to upset the balance of Islam but they hope the film will spark necessary dialogue about women’s rights, Islamophobia and other social issues.

Sukina and Muneera met in the city of Bristol at a local talent show, bonding over music and their Jamaican background. Forming a spoken word and Hip-Hop duo, the pair converted to Islam after exposure to the teachings of Malcolm X although the religion’s treatment of women initially gave them hesitation. But as they revealed in a recent BBC interview, friends within their inner circle began to embrace Islam. Muneera was especially resistant, but after researching the faith it became clear that converting to Islam was the right choice.

“We kind of found something that sort of made sense on a practical level,” shared Sukina about the group’s conversion to Islam. “I guess for the both of us, we had to realize that this religion seemed OK,” added Muneera.

Now undergoing a crowd funding campaign, Hip Hop Hijabis is seeking the assistance of outside backers in order to complete the documentary and give it a proper release. For more information about the film and Poetic Pilgrimage, please follow this link.

Check out the trailer for Hip Hop Hijabis on the flip and a recent BBC interview with the duo below.

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