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Are pretty girls nothing but trouble? Don’t ask Velous and Torch if you want to know the ugly truth. 

In the singer’s new video “Pretty Girls” featuring the MMG rapper, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Velous and his lovely lady friend show you that not all things are as pleasant as they seem. This video, which takes place in New Jersey, looks like your happy-go-lucky love story that everybody dreams of.

However, things go awry as evident from the opening scene that shows the singer battered and in a pool of his own blood. The artist quickly gets into it with the wrong people which ends up in the beautiful woman setting him up for failure; a story that many people can related to.

The New York representative of the Maybach Music Group, Torch, offers his own advice and story about pretty women being nothing but trouble in his smooth guest appearance. Can you relate to a lovely young lady leading you to trouble? If you can, you might want to check out this video.

This song is from his debut project Velocity, coming soon. Check out “Pretty Girls” with Torch and Velous after the jump.

Photo: YouTube