Lil Wayne made some pretty heavy claims this past weekend before he went on a rant that has now since gone viral. 

Weezy’s tirade occurred at the Beats By Dre party in Houston, TX after the NBA All-Star Game where the rapper claimed he had been banned from all NBA events courtesy of the Miami Heat.

Wayne was escorted out of the American Airlines Arena last week after allegedly making a threatening gesture towards a fan. The Grammy Award-winning rapper claims that the defending NBA Champions made sure he was banned from all NBA events.

Wayne went on to claim that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife before performing his latest single “Love Me.” Now the National Basketball Association is stating that Wayne’s remarks about the league and it’s defending champions are simply untrue.

According to TMZ,  NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard  says that there is “no truth at all” to the claims Weezy made during the performance in Houston over the weekend. The NBA also went on to say that Tunechi was not asked to leave the Heat/Lakers game last week, and the multi-platinum rapper left voluntarily.


Wayne remained adamant about his claims, while Bosh’s family nor the Heat organization refused to officially comment on the situation. However, reigning NBA MVP LeBron James left this cryptic Tweegram on his Instagram page stating: “Just know that when you’re hot, something cold will try to ignite themselves off of you to try to stay relevant,” James wrote. “Don’t even engage! Don’t look backwards. Push forward.”

If you didn’t see the rant from the show, check it out down below.

Photo: AP

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