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Don’t be fooled by any talks of a social media civil war between BET and MTV, which are both owned by Viacom. It seems that the Twitter accounts of both media outlets have been hacked. 

The accounts of MTV and BET, which are verified and have about 6.7M and 892K followers, respectively, have been highjacked with the respective logo of the former’s switched out for the others. Each account also began tweeting reckless statements made to theoretically draw the ire of the other, along with the tages #MTVhack and #BEThack.

“BET” sent out, “Moon Man to make special appearance on @BETAwards #MTVhack,” while MTV let loose, “#MentionSomeoneYoureThankfulFor @KevinHart4real.”

Yesterday, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked and made to look as if McDonald’s was the culprit. Wild tweets, including quotes from rapper Chief Keef, were sent out for about an hour before the account was finally disabled.

The hack commenced shortly before 3pm ET and message are still being sent. We saveD some of them and place them in the gallery since they will surely get deleted.

But being that BET and MTV are both Viacom entities, maybe this allege hack is a farce? Hmmm… The again, Jeep’s Twitter was hacked earlier today, too. So there goes that theory…

Then again, this came through the transom: “We totally Catfish-ed you guys. Thanks for playing! <3 you, @BET. ;)”

Photos: Twitter

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