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C-Murder’s appeal to potentially be released from prison has been rejected by the Supreme Court.  The New Orleans native is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder.

In rejecting his appeal, the high court has opted not to move forward on a law requiring federal juries to reach a unanimous vote in criminal cases. C-Murder, born Corey Miller, was convicted after a 10-2 jury vote. He alleges to have not received a fair trial, and believes that a mistrial was in order, given the jury vote. However, Louisiana and Oregon are the only states that accept non-unanimous verdicts to push forward with a conviction.

The No Limit rapper was found guilty in the shooting death of 16-year-old fan, Steve Thomas, at a Louisiana nightclub. In 2009 Miller’s murder trial began, unearthing details from club bouncer Darnell Jordan, who testified to seeing the whole thing. Jordan stated that despite not getting a look at the murder weapon, he saw a flash from the gun being fired, and had “no doubt” that Miller killed the teen.

During the trial, Ron Rakosky, Miller’s attorney, accused prosecutors of not having any substantial evidence pinning his client to the crime. “He was arrested on flimsy evidence,” he said during opening statements, pointing out that Miller never tried to elude police, and was arrested out in the open, a week later.   Rakosky went on the allege that Jordan was bribed into giving damaging testimony. “You want to know what the key to the jail is? Coming in here and saying what these people [prosecutors] want them to say.”

Police picked Jordan up on material witness warrant, he spent four days in jail before being moved to a secret location; and expressed fear of being retaliated against over his testimony.

The victim’s father, George Thomas also testified during the trail, noting that his son was a huge fan of Miller, Silkk the Shcoker, and Master P. The teen apparently posters of the trio in his room, which his father  threw away after learning of his son’s death.


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