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The latest episode of Pharrell’s ARTST TLK series feature the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, Tony Hawk.

In this nearly half-hour sit-down with the skating legend, The Birdman speaks to Skateboard P about his trailblazing and iconic career. The topics range from Hawk’s beginnings as a troubled childhood prodigy to becoming a professional skater to his role as one of the most lucrative business men in the history of sports and video games.

“The whole issue of being called a sell-out, I had to deal with that early on because I was the first one to go out and get an outside sponsorship, endorsements and things. As soon as I did a video game people said ‘that’s it you sold out,” explained Hawk. “You kidding me? When I was 14 years old  I had a skateboard with my name on it. If somebody came up to me and asked If I wanted to make a video game? Yes! sign me up. Hey, you want to be in a McDonald’s commercial? Yes! I ate there today. I’m starting to realize people call you a sell-out when your stuff finally sells.”

Check out the full and interesting interview from the two innovators of culture down after the jump.

Photo: YouTube