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As rap fellow rap snobs, we always turn our nose up at NBA players who attempt to rap. From Kobe Bryant,  Metta World Peace, and Kevin Durant; they’ve all tried their hand at rap. Most have failed

However, it always looks like rappers get off a little easier when they try to show off their game on the court. Outside of a few legitimate athletic rappers, most of the rhyme spitters that try to get on the court to be like Mike end up usually looking God awful.

Because most Hip-Hop fans are avid basketball nerds, it doesn’t take Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith to tell these rappers they should stick to their day job. Sure there is nothing wrong with getting in a few jump shots to stay in shape, but when you put your game on display for the world to see you are fair game.

From weak ankles, ugly jumpshots and just plain old soft game, get a look at some of your favorite rappers stinking it up on the court.

Photo: YouTube

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