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A quick nap has landed prison guard Nadja Green into hot water.

Assigned to guard everyone residing in one of America’s most infamous modern day correctional facilities, Rikers Island, Green was caught sleeping on the job while as a co-worker and inmate looked on.

The latter even posed for a picture next to the napping woman, just inches away from the key ring that could have been a riot-situation in the making.

We do not expect this type of behavior or performance from our officers, nor do we tolerate it,” explained Steve Morello, spokesman for New York’s correctional system.

Correctional officer Claudel Barrau, whom photographed the slumbering guard, was assigned to modified duty after her images became public.

Guards are not allowed to carry cell phones while at work within areas prisons.

Green, whom co-workers have affectionately dubbed the “Precious of Corrections,” was transferred from her usual post and placed on modified duty. She is facing security and performance-related charges including sleeping on the job.

The 30-year-old correctional officer has been working at Rikers for 4 ½ years. Barrau has been a guard for 18 years.