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If you are a noted Wu-Tang fan or are really good friends with one, we might have just found them their next awesome birthday present. 

Get on Down has put together a fantastic limited edition premium box set of Ghostface Killah’s Ironman album which includes a 24k Audiophile Gold Disc, a cherry wood display case and a 48-page hardcover book containing lyrics, extended album art and more. Much like RZA’s soundtrack for The Man With The Iron Fiststhis will be available online only.

Via Get On Down

Get on Down is proud to present our second release in the Premium Gold Disc Collection with Ghostface Killah’s debut album, Ironman. As always these releases are limited, in this case to 2,000 copies in total. Re-mastered and given the loving deluxe reissue touch that we strive to maintain, it’s time to give Ironman another listen, and put it up on your trophy shelf where it belongs.

By the time Hip-Hop had ambled its way into 1996, one fact was undeniable: the Wu-Tang Clan was not only here to stay, but – amazingly – still gaining steam with each solo release. And not only on the dopeness scale: this was a fact commercially as well. To wit: Ghostface Killah’s debut, Ironman, entered at # 2 on the Billboard charts in late October and was gold by early ’97.

If you want to order some of these amazing collectors’ items on the website right here and hit the jump to check out the photos.

Photo: GetOnDown

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