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P.A.P.I. follows up his feature heavy record “Tadow” with an ode to the nasty and filthy folks worldwide called “Fowl Ni**az.” 

The rapper formerly known as N.O.R.E. opens the song with a hilarious monologue about his friend attempting to get into the loins of an already-pregnant female. The Lefrak City rapper went on to explain exactly what a “Fowl Ni**a” was.

This was including but not limited to “people who steal from you and help you look for it,” “people who sleep with your girl while you are in prison,” stealing from your own mother and snitching on your own brother.

It is safe to say that sadly, most people can relate to this song because “Fowl Ni**az,” might never ever go extinct. After the artwork, get a listen to P.A.P.I.’s new joint and purchase the single off of iTunes.



Photo: eONE