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Last night on MTV2, Mac Miller debuted his brand new reality show Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family. 

In he show’s debut episode, Mac is Complex’s “Man of Next Year” and gets the ultimate trophy, a custom made Fisker Karma. Much different from your typical reality show, The Most Dope Family is a show that is completely aware that it is a show.

Miller constantly breaks the fourth wall with his friends Quentin, Jimmy, Peanut and Big Dave. In this episode, the Rostrum Records rapper takes his new car out for a joyride throughout Los Angeles, CA. Things go awry when the car runs out of power and ends up stuck in the middle of the highway.

Rather than trip over the new car, he simply gets it towed and keeps it moving with his friends. If you can imagine a rapper version of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory without the fourth wall, you’ll get Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family. 

Check out the first full episode of the show if you missed it last night down after the jump.

Photo: MTV