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At this point, it couldn’t be more abundantly clear that if the Sunken Place has a deeper sunken place within itself, that’s where South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott resides.

Scott recently made an appearance on CNN so he could continue his pity party tour on behalf of Donald Trump and the 34 felonies he was found guilty of at the end of his hush money trial in New York. According to the Grio, Scott joined the chorus line of angry MAGA minions who claim Trump’s prosecution was about politics, not the law. Scott claimed the charges of falsifying business records were “the weaponization of the justice system” by President Joe Biden, despite the glaring fact that neither Biden nor his administration have anything to do with charges brought on anyone by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

But Scott’s fact-averse diatribe didn’t end there. He also continued his stale, whitey-pleasing narrative that “America is not a racist country” and that the real discrimination is being leveled against Republicans.

“The reason why we’re seeing so many African Americans coming to the Trump campaign — two big reasons: jobs and justice,” Scott told CNN host Phil Mattingly. “I’ll say simply, as an African American born and raised in the Deep South who had concerns about our justice system as it relates to race, I’m now seeing it play out from a partisan perspective. It’s not as much Black and white as it is red and blue.”
Let’s start with the fact that it’s untrue that there has been anything more than a slight uptick in “African Americans” who are “coming to the Trump campaign.”
From the Grio:
Polling reveals that most African American voters still support the Democratic Party. According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Black voters — 83% — lean Democratic. Pew’s polling also reveals that 72% of Black voters say Trump was a “poor or terrible president.”

While we’re here, let’s get into Scott and the rest of the MAGA GOP’s false assertion that Trump was prosecuted for crimes no one is normally prosecuted for, which supposedly proves the prosecution was political.

From NewsOne:

Last year, Just Security posted a 24-page survey detailing dozens of New York prosecutions over the last decade for falsifying business records in the first degree, which was the top charge leveled against Trump. According to NBC New York, “Records from the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services show 10 years ago, 101 people were arrested in New York City in cases where the top charge was falsification of business records.”

In 2022, only 39 people faced that top charge, but the fact that none of those people were named Donald Trump still indicates he wasn’t given a custom-made charge that only he could catch. Now, to be fair, prosecutions for falsifying business records did increase by a lot when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg took office, but that doesn’t help Republicans’ “only Trump” narrative since that increase also didn’t include defendants named Donald Trump.

NBC also reported that during “Bragg’s first 15 months as DA, his team filed 166 felony counts for falsifying business records against 34 people or companies.” Again, none of those individuals or business were beared the name Trump. In fact, the only didfference between Trump and those other defendants is that when those other defendants were charged with similar crimes, Republicans didn’t care.

As far as Scott’s wannabe-white nonsense regarding how the division in America is “not as much Black and white as it is red and blue,” he has been on that shuck-and-jivery since long before Trump was ever indicted on any crimes.

For years now, Scott has repeatedly claimed “America is not a racist country”—despite all the data that says otherwise—while out of the other side of his neck, he has repeatedly compared the treatment of Republicans to anti-Black racism, which he apparently doesn’t think exists in any substantial way. This is also the umteenth time he has compared Trump’s trial to anti-Black injustice in the court system, which, again, he doesn’t really believe exists.

It’s unclear why Scott is even bothering to pretend he has ever publicly “had concerns about our justice system as it relates to race,” but it is clear that the only Black Republican in the U.S. Senate—and the only one to represent South Carolina in the state’s history (nothing racist about that though, right?)—has dedicated himself to loving up on Trump, absolving America of its white supremacist ways, and making Republicans the new N-words.

Yes, Scott is delusional. No, he doesn’t deal in facts. Yes, white conservatives love him for it—and that might be the point.