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The basketball community lost a legend this week as Tyron “Alimoe” Evans passed away.

Last night on TNT, former NBA Champions Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith paid tribute to the fallen hooper, proving that his respect went much further than the streets of Harlem.

“We all knew Alimoe personally. Alimoe was the first guy I called, that I watched Streetball other than Rafer Alston, that I knew was going to be an NBA player at that time. I said ‘Alimoe,’ what are you doing out there?’ I said ‘you’re and NBA player,'” Smith said on Inside the NBA on TNT.

“NBA players, when they play against street ball guys, they play the way you’re playing. They dominate the way you are,” Smith said of Alimoe. “He was the only guy I ever watched that I said ‘he should have been in the NBA and didn’t make it, and didn’t attempt to make it.”

“I agree, Kenny. He was 6’7″, he could handle the rock, he could shoot. He actually had the whole package and he should have been in the league,” added Shaquille O’ Neal. “Rest in peace, Alimoe. Love you brother.”

SLAM is also reporting that The Black Widow’s favorite basketball player sent the deceased streetball legend one last gift before he went on into the next life.

“Today, his favorite NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant sent his sneakers signed to Alimoe for Al to have forever,” Joseph Vecsey of SLAM said. “I know Alimoe is not only going to be smiling wide in Heaven when his family receives them for him to have, but he’s also going to be doing some bragging. I can see him now saying, ‘Y’all better do some reading around here…the Black Mamba is a fan of The Black Widow.’”

Check out the video down below.

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