Erica Mena doesn’t get the credit she deserves. After making a small appearance on Love & Hip-Hop New York, she has worked her way up the ladder of relevancy to become a main character.

This year fans have seen Mena flip out on everyone in her realm, try to jump-start a music career, and date her manager, Rich Dollaz. Now that she’s firmly planted in the public viewpoint (for now at least), the Spanish beauty is looking to cash in on her newfound fame. As she should.

Over the last several episodes of the new season, we’ve seen Mena’s trial and tribulations unfold, and the biggest issue seems to be her anger. Never one to shy away from a fight, a conversation with cast member Yandy Smith revealed that she was essentially projecting the abuse she received from her ex onto everybody around her.

Since this isn’t a therapy session, there’s no need to dissect every aspect of her life to get to the root of Mena’s emotional distress, instead let’s take a look at 10 things to know about Erica Mena.

Get into the list below.

Photo: VH1

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