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We’ve said before, and unfortunately we must say it again; Terrell Owens stays losing. The former NFL great has been hit with a federal tax bill that’s close to half a million bucks.

TMZ has the run down an Uncle Sam’s math:

A federal tax lien was filed against the fired wide receiver in February — claiming T.O. still owes major income tax dollars for the years 2005 ($294,661.71), 2007 ($46,504.00), and 2009 ($97,747.81). All totaled — he’s allegedly in the hole $438,913.52.

As for why the bill’s so high — in those years T.O. was still making big bucks in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles (under a $49 MIL contract!!!), Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills.

Fast forward to now … and he’s just got too much time on his hands.

Calls to T.O. were not returned.

Last year, Owens tried out for the Seattle Seahawks, but was released during training camp and was unable to land a spot on another NFL team. At one point, the NBA’s Blake Griffin alleged that T.O., who played college basketball, was begging for an NBA tryout.

The lack of employment has cost Owens dearly. In December 2012, Owens sold his Georgia mansion for less than half the asking price. T.O. sold said property for $694,000. So after taxes, child support and now this lien, he isn’t seeing much of that money, if he still even has it.

The struggle is real.

Photo: TMZ