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As we look back at a year with classic hits from Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and many other artists, we can say that 2009 was a pretty good year in Hip-Hop music. However, no matter what the year is, we are always left with songs which make us scratch our heads and wonder: “What were they thinking?” These are Hip-Hop Wired 5 worst songs of 2009:

1. Arab- “LOL (Laugh Out Loud)”

For those who aren’t familiar with Arab, we can simply label him as Soulja Boy’s wingman. The best friend of the popular rapper who use to do production and assist Soulja Boy on hooks before he became a household name. However, when it was time for Arab to try and blow, Arab left us with what he thought would be one of the hottest songs of the year, “LOL.” Unfortunately for Arab, the only “Laughing Out Loud” anyone was doing was at his embarrassing attempt to rap. With horrible lyrics like “I the hoe, way up here in Idaho”

and “Haters pulling out they hair but I’m the type that never cares,”

Arab’s solo career ended before it even began:

There’s no way Soulja Boy knew about this….

2. Flava Flav- “I’ll Never Let You Go”

Maybe it’s because older people are usually the last ones to hear the news, but someone definitely did not tell Flava Flav that Jay-Z put a “Death To Auto” tune back in June. Flava Flav is known for being one of the biggest hype men of all time and busting out a couple of decent 16 bars once in awhile. So why he decided that R&B was the next move for his career will always puzzle me. Maybe it’s because he’s singing his heart out on this song, or because he’s an old man trying to stay hip in a young mans game. I almost feel sorry for him and want to give the old man a pass on this one. However, that still does not excuse that this is one of the worst songs of 2009.

Flava Flav makes Kanye sound like Luther Vandross:

Sorry Flav “I Cant Do Nothing For Ya Man”

3. Bangs- “Let Me Take You To The Movies”

When you hear a gentleman say “Let me take you to the movies,” it’s usually a nice gesture that sounds like a night of fun and excitement. It’s when Sudan rapper Bangs says it that it becomes a huge internet mockery for everyone to quote and laugh about. The rapper’s music video does not help the song either, as Bangs just raps in front of a green screen with a bunch of random images of cars, money, and jewelry he obviously doesn’t have. When the song was played on Eminem’s radio station “Shade 45’s,” Americans told Bangs how they truly felt and ridiculed him for almost 10 minutes. (

At least all of the worst songs of 2009 didn’t come from America:

4. R. Kelly Ft. OJ Da Juiceman – “Superman High”

R. Kelly has had numerous amounts of number 1 hit songs and may be one of the most recognizable faces in the R&B industry. However, when R Kelly tried to branch out into Hip-Hop, it was obvious that some artists need to stick at what they are good at. In this horrible attempt for a banging club song R Kelly doesn’t make his transition any better while bringing in OJ, one of the most annoying “hype man” to ever grip the mic. Even adding the ad lib king Gucci with a couple of “Burrrrs” couldn’t make this song bearable to listen to.

Maybe R Kelly should patch up things with Hov, cuz OJ is just not working……. Maybe Trey Songz was right after all.

5. Ron Browz- “Give Me 20 Dollars”

When I heard “Pop Champagne” late last year, I thought to myself, “There is no way Ron Browz will ever be allowed to put out another song.” Unfortunately, I was wrong and not only was I wrong, somehow the song was even worst then “Pop Champagne.” Words cannot even describe how fast my finger would hit the skip button if the first syllable of “Gimme“ was said in the car or on my computer. I would tell you what this song is about, but in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the whole thing straight through. For those who think they can, here is the video. Y’all are more of a man then I ever will be.

Maybe that auto-tune Flav song isn’t that bad after all!

Lets hope 2010 doesn’t disappoint us with horrible songs because clearly 2009 didn’t.