The last piece of chicken is worth fighting for, if your name is Clifford Smith, and some lady in a wheelchair tries to make a grab for your fowl. Smith was arrested for choking out the disabled woman during dinner Sunday (March 3).

Cops took Smith, of Pacolet, S. C., into custody after he overreacted during the gathering, launching at the victim and trying to make her pay for taking the chicken. According to the police report, he was upset because he wanted the final piece, so he hit the woman, smashed a bottle on the wall, then got busy choking her.

Needless to say, dinner guests couldn’t believe their eyes, while the victim was busy trying to grab her cell phone and call 911. Smith snatched the phone from her and smashed it to smithereens.

The 44-year-old’s chicken tirade ended, when police were finally called. He was charged with simple assault and vandalism.

In related news, it’s not a great day for South Carolina.


Photo: Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office

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