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A Florida man was fired after alerting internal investigators to an interesting tidbit about his life outside of work.

Wayne Kerschner, a detention officer within the Alachua County Department of Corrections, was released from his job as a detention officer with the county after he defended the ideals of the Ku Klux Klan while noting that the hate-infused group is nothing more than a faith-based organization.

An internal report revealed that Kerschner paid annual group dues to the Southern and United Northern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, frequently blogged on KKK websites, and attended a rally in Tennessee, all done while he was employed with Alachua County.

A rule within the department banning the employment of men and women that are members of subversive or terrorist organizations made way for Kerschner, an officer with the Klan, to be let go.

He worked as a guard for four years.

Now, in no way do I condone the any action taken by the Klan or the present but I have to wonder whether the firing was a bit “overreaching.” Granted, the Ku Klux Klan has been a home-grown terrorist organization since its creation, but who exactly deems one organization a threat? Better question, if the affiliation of one person with an organization that is known to cause issues within the community bad, does that not open the door for more professional persecution based on private affairs?

How long before a member of the Nation of Islam find themselves in the unemployment line for being apart of a faith-based organization?

The New Black Panther Party??

Teabaggers and Birthers???


All of the aforementioned are organizations that, though clearly lacking the sheer history of violence and intolerance often attributed the infamous White Knights, have operated outside of legal parameters in order to have their respective voices heard and goals met.

Remember, what is seen as a positive entity to some can be viewed as a terrorist organization to others. Personally, I feel that if the man did his job well and showed no sign of favoritism or unjustifiable disdain for the people that he was assigned to watch then he should still have a job today.

But what do I know. . .I’m merely a fan of small government. . .

What do you think Hip-Hop Heads?