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By now, you must have seen Los Angeles Clippers center, DeAndre Jordan emasculate Brandon Knight on a dunk that will probably be replayed from now until the end of time.

While many people are debating whether or not the dunk should be that celebrated since Jordan is 7’0″ and Knight is 6’3″, that wont stop this dunk from getting replayed over and over again.

You may have seen the dunk, but you may have not seen some of the things we picked up in the millions of replays this amazing slam. Not pictured in this video was Greg Monroe’s “I swear I don’t know that guy” face after the slam, Matt Barnes running away from the scene of the crime, among other hilarious reactions.

If you missed some of the more hilarious reactions on the internet and social media, don’t you fear because we have stockpiled all the best GIFs and tweet reactions right here. If you’ve check all of that out, hit the jump to check out our video down below.

Don’t forget, you can always get two points back; but a dunk like this will live forever.