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“We on the West Coast man, we ain’t Fawkin’ around, we not playing around.  Not at all.  I’m doing this Slaughterhouse Shyte, that’s what the Fawk I’m doing.  So if you respect me, you will stop all that.  If you don’t respect me, then it’s gonna go where it’s gotta go.”

Whether it be called a plea to cease fire or a subtle warning, Crooked I is clearly becoming fed up with the antics of Benzino as he continues to attack his Slaughterhouse brother Royce Da 5’9.

In a video that appeared earlier today, the Boston rapper/ former co-owner of The Source went on to clarify his beef with the Detroit native, adding that Raekwon’s verse for “Break to Build” was in no shape or form meant to show some Rae picking up the beef.

The video did, however, show an unnecessary showcase of the rapper trying to be entirely too bold as a firearm was shown on the table next to him and he stated that if it was truly beef, then certain measures would have to be taken.

As a Long Beach native, Crooked I has been one to declare a no fly zone for those that become his opponents and the last thing Benzino needs in his life is extra pressure if he takes a trip to the West side.

“There’s only a couple ways outta that Shyte, so stop.  Showing guns on the Internet with mother*ckin’ silencers.  Fed time.  I’ma think you working with the Feds in a minute.  Just stop.  It’s not worth it.”

Check the video footage of Crooked I here: