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Buying things off Craigslist can either be a success or a complete disaster. The latter is true for a Chicago victim who was jacked for $5,000, his cell phone, and his pants, yesterday, while trying to purchase a car he found on the site.

The unnamed victim was attempting to cop an Infiniti, and was instructed to meet the seller at a house on the 4300 block of North Laramie Avenue in the Portage Park neighborhood.  When he arrived at the location, the door was open.  He went inside to talk to two men as his girlfriend sat in a 2004 Nissan, parked in an alley.

While in the house, one of the two men pulled out a silver gun, hitting the victim in the back of the head. The second man pulled out a black gun and demanded that the potential customer hand over his pants, screaming “Where’s the money?!” Making matters even worse, a third suspect popped out of a small kitchen closet to tie up the victim with a string and a cable, which were left on the kitchen floor.

The man carrying a black gun ran outside to the Nissan, opened the door and screamed “Where’s the money b-tch?!” at the girlfriend. She was ordered out of the vehicle and was patted down when the $5,000 was found in her pocket. The assailant then fled into the alley, while the woman used her cell phone to call police.

“They took a lot of things,” said the male 22-year-old victim, who was scared by the ordeal. Neither he, nor his girlfriend were injured, in the  incident.

Police have yet to arrest anyone in the robbery.