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Can you ever lose with vintage Jay-Z footage? In this newly released video, Hova is seen rocking “Coming Of Age,” and a Phat Farm hoodie, at the Country Club in NYC, way back in 1995.

The beat Jay-Z is spittin’ over is Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones, Part II” while producer Ski Beatz can also be seen on stage. Hova sets things off by cribbing A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?,” but instead of going into “22 Two’s” as you might have expected, he kicks off the first verse of “Coming Of Age” from the same classic debut, Reasonable Doubt.

Jigga was raw, but you can tell back in 1995 that the “Hard Knock Life” rapper already had that “it” factor. Also, Jigga is riding for Memphis Bleek, telling the crowd, “This young man going to be the sh-t.” However, Meek wasn’t as natural on the mic as his mentor, maybe that’s why his verse gets cut off. No shots.

Thanks to Uncle Jessie from Underground Ruff House for digging this clip out of the archives. Watch Jay-Z hold down the stage at the Country Club in the video below.

[Spotted at Tumblin’ Erb]