Another week means another track from Ghostface Killah and producer Adrian Younge’s forthcoming collaborative album, Twelve Reasons To Die. The new to our ears song is called “Enemies All Around Me” and features the Delfonics. 

Over a murky bass line, Ghost relays the paranoia of being a ringleader in the game. “I formed a crew, ni–as straight tell me I’m slippin’/I’m the boss of the fam’,I  need to watch my position/Bitches is sneaky, trifling and not be trusted, a weak link in the team, and the chain will get busted,” spits Ghost Deini. The wailing vocals on the track are courtesy of William Hart of the Delfonics, who has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan rapper before on tracks like “Daytona 500.”

Twelve Reasons To Die is a concept album that finds Tony Starks as a soldier for the 12 Delucas, a 1960’s-era Italian crime family. Never mind that Ghost is a Black guy from Staten Island, just run with it.  When Stark decides to leave the family, Ghostface uses his cinematic storytelling rhyme skills to make it an epic album worthy of any gangster film.

The songs “The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah” and “The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two),” have already been getting plenty of burn while Twelve Reasons To Die is in stores April 16 via RZA’s Stone Temple Records. The project and will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and or course digitally. Listen to “Enemies All Around Me” below.

Download: Ghostface Killah ft. The Delfonics – “Enemies All Around Me”

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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