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Smoking that green has been known to induce hunger, which may contribute to why a couple of Texas men opted to kill two birds with one stone. An El Paso duo was busted with greenery in their purple ice cream truck.

Elijah Sanchez and Anthony Arellano were pulled over Saturday (March 9) for having a cracked windshield, and expired registration, near a local high school. Further inspection uncovered much more than damage to the vehicle, causing a slow-thinking Sanchez to try to escape the scene on foot. He was still caught by police.

Police found two Tupperware bowls containing “a green leafy substance” on Sanchez, 19.  Arellano and Sanchez were both charged with possession of under 2 ounces, after more chronic was found inside the truck.

Running from cops added to charges against Sanchez, which now include evading arrest.

Arellano, 29, has been arrested on numerous occasions for felony charges, and has a possession of mar1juana charge stemming from 2006.

Click below to view the suspects’ mug shots.

Photos:  El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

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