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Kate Upton might be going back to high school—at least for prom. Jake Davidson, a high school senior in California, recorded a video asking out the voluptuous Sports Illustrated cover girl, garnering him national attention, and a response from Upton.

Davidson posted the video online  last Sunday (March 17), tweeting that she is “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Flattered, Upton said that she’d go with the youngster if her schedule permits. “How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule.”

As if he wasn’t already on Cloud 9, Davidson’s good luck streak continued when Upton called in to his interview with NBC’s TODAY show. “She’s obviously very pretty,” he said of what attracts him to Upton.  “She likes sports, I’ve seen some of her videos where she talks about sports. I like sports, as I said. She’s young, we’re close in age, I don’t know, give it a try…see what happens.”

Davidson nearly passed out when Upton surprised him with the call. “This just got so much better now that you’re on the phone,” he said, through a bunch of extra-heavy breaths.

“I definitely have to just check my schedule, but you seem like so much fun,” Upton told Davidson. “If everything works out, I’d love to go with you.”

Sure bet that this kid is the envy of all his friends.

Check out the video below, as well as Davidson’s TODAY show interview, on the next page.

Photo: GQ/NBC

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