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Another one of Nardwuar‘s interviews from this year’s SXSW festival hits the Internets. This time Snoop Dogg, who now goes by Snoop Lion, is in the hot seat. As usual, the Canadian interviewer came bearing a bag load of gifts, including an old concert poster, which he asked the former Death Row MC to sign, a Snoop figurine and an inflatable faux Beyoncé s-x doll.

This is Nardwuar’s latest of numerous interviews since he first encountered the West Coast artist thirteen years ago, and that familiarity pretty much dictated how the conversation went. So much so that he asked the rapper to sign a poster from a Florida club gig in the 90s with Uncle Luke.

“You bring s**t that I should be taking from your A$$, but I’ma sign it for you,” laughed Snoop, who called the Human Serviette “my Howard Cosell.”

The two actually recalled their first interview, during which Nardwuar gave Snoop an album by The Whispers, but denied him a Redd Foxx figurine. “I gave you love on that. You know I love the f**k out of Red Foxx. I don’t know why I didn’t take that motherf***er.”

Please be aware that these were the milder topics spoken on in the interview. To hear the full discussion, watch the visual below.


Photo: YouTube