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Hip-Hop witnessed one of its legendary groups in Mobb Deep crumble last year, or so we thought. Thankfully, Havoc and Prodigy have since reconciled, but fans haven’t forgotten about their brief spat. Knowing this, the Queensbridge duo sat down with MTV news to discuss their issues and Mobb Deep moving forward.

Havoc began with, “Let me just start off by saying Mobb Deep is like brothers. Understand what I’m saying? And brothers, we go through things.”

The two admit that their issues were indeed real, to which Havoc referred to his infamous Twitter rant. “The tweets definitely happened and I take my part in that. At the end of the day, like I said, we went through things. When family goes through things it’s like, they shouldn’t be handled in the streets,” said the “Gone” rapper, who admits full responsibility for his actions.

Prodigy chimed in, saying “Me and Hav got a different type of relationship man. It’s different man. We been through a lot of stuff growing up, just personal stuff.”

“When you dealing with someone for that long everyday, you going to have your little squabbles or whatever. It’s nothing,” explained P. “The bottom line is we [sic] smarter than all the BS.”

Mobb Deep currently plans to embark on a 20th anniversary tour in May, so you know it’s real or at least amicable. See the full interview between the two below.

Photo: MTV