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Another student from the  High School attended by beating victim, Derrion Albert, was killed just before the New Year.

16-year-old Fred Couch of Fenger High School  lost his life Wednesday after being gunned down outside of a convenience store.

Surveillance footage outside of a Big Sam’s Mini Mart where the incident took place shows Couch in his final moments.

Couch can be seen falling to the ground after being shot and then being shot again by an unidentified man in a white SUV. The young man struggles to get up before collapsing back to the ground a final time.

Another Fenger High School student was injured at the time as well.

Police are investigating the footage but no arrests have been made.

****WARNING**** This footage is graphic and may be found disturbing.

Can someone please tell me what’s going on at Fenger High School?!  Please!

This is crazy….