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It was a moment in sports that if you have seen, you immediately wished you could “unsee.” Kevin Ware literally snapped his lower leg in yesterday’s Louisville vs. Duke NCAA tournament game. Thankfully, after surgery, he is already capable of walking on crutches.

The injury was seen on national television, making viewers queasy, silencing the arena and leaving people praying for the sophomore guards health. The look on the players faces said it all. Ware underwent a 2-hour surgery after the injury with doctors having to insert a metal rod in his leg. Reportedly, Ware was heard yelling to his teammates ‘Win the game!”

Now that is a warrior.  Teammates also wore Ware’s jersey in honor of their temporarily fallen teammate.  Photos of Ware in the hospital holding Louisville’s Regional Championship trophy, after beating Duke 85-63, soon enough started making their way online after his successful surgery.

Luckily, the University of Louisville’s team doctor says the injury should not be career threatening. We hope Kevin Ware makes a speedy recovery.

Check out pics of Ware in the hospital and his team rallying around him in the gallery. The video of injury is on the last page. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

Photos: Instagram/Twitter

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