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As Chris Brown makes his rounds with the press, he was sure to sit down with the The Breakfast Club trio to discuss some of his recent dealings. Among the topics discussed was Justin Bieber’s recent string of trouble, which Brown says is due to the ravenous nature of the media.

“Does it bother when you put out a fresh record, you put of a dope video, but then it seems like you have to go on these apology tours?,” asked Charlemagne.

“For me, especially for like the mainstream media, it’s like funny because that’s what they focus on the most,” explained Brown. “And they’ll tell you right before every time, ‘Yo, so we’re talking about the album. Gonna promote it, single, video, to how you direct it. Boom… Boom… Boom.’ Then as soon as the camera cut on, ‘So, back to 2009.'”

When Bieber came up, the “Fine China” singer kept his opinions brief, but made sure to give context to what life in the young superstar is like. “I think with him, it’s a case of how I feel. It’s being young, having limitless amounts of income to whatever you want to do as a young guy, and then all at the same time you don’t have nobody that’s going to say, ‘Hey bruh you look wack right now.'”

Brown did share his thoughts on the media making Lil Twist the scape goat for Bieber’s actions as well. “I ain’t in it, but this my only thing I’m gonna say about it. I just feel like they’re going to target the little Black boys around him, and say ‘Hey this is why he’s doing this.'”

We agree with Brown there. See the crooner talk more intimately in the full interview below.

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