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Twerking, the popular and s-xually suggestive dance craze, is so popular that it even has a Wikipedia entry. After a father discovered his two teenaged daughters recording a twerk video to post to Facebook, the man took extreme measures in disciplining the girls.

Over the weekend, a user on WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) uploaded the video of the dad beating his daughters with a cable wire. The video was titled, “Good Or Horrible Parenting!? Father Catches His Daughter Doing A Twerk Video On FB & Goes Ham!” and also featured a description. The caption read, “Father punishes his daughters by whooping them with a cable wire after finding out they did a twerk video on Facebook. Good parenting or did he take it too far?”

We’ll let the viewers be the judge of that, but the scene of the father wailing on the girls and the screams of pains that ensued should say it all. There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about the clip and since it’s been posted, the video has gone viral around the globe. Even the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail posted the clip on their website.

The discussions on social media have been varied, with some saying the father should be arrested and others applauding the act as good parenting. What say you?

Check out the video below. A warning: the beating is graphic.

Photo: YouTube