The Los Angeles Coroner’s office has released their findings in an investigation stemming from the sudden death of WorldStarHipHop founder Lee O’Denat aka “Q.”


Details are coming to light regarding the untimely passing of WorldStarHipHop founder Lee “Q” O’Denat. Reportedly, the Queens native was in a San Diego massage parlor when he became unconscious and was unable to be revived. 

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This past weekend, the city of Tampa was supposed to be lit with premium Hip-Hop entertainment brought to fans by the inaugural H.I.T. (History In Tampa) Festival, presented by both WorldstarHipHop and Vybe Nation.

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WorldStarHipHop owner Lee “Q” O’Denat stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new film and second installment of The Field, The Field: Miami.

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Earlier Wednesday, news of an upcoming movie based around the popular website WorldStarHipHop certainly raised some eyebrows. Naturally, fans and foes alike are probably wondering who would be a great fit for roles in the flick.


WorldStarHipHop, one of the most visited destinations on the Web, has become a pop culture phenomenon. Now, a movie based on the shock and urban culture site is said to be in the works and Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons is involved.

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Youthful stupidity and summer vacations cause kids to partake in some of the worst Internet trends.

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It was a long time coming but it seems Curtis Jackson, b.k.a. his stage name 50 Cent is getting the last laugh in his fight to bring popular video site WorldStarHipHop to its knees.


The Source magazine’s annual Power 30 issue dates back 16 years, and like each before, this year’s edition was the topic of conversation throughout the blogosphere. Expect that to continue with today’s announcement of the top five picks on their digital list.

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Leave it up to WorldStarHipHop to have a hand in spreading a controversial video that’s now gone viral. Last week, a user submitted a clip of four teenage boys rapping about their prowess at giving oral to other boys and worked in a scheme using Drake’s smash hit, “Started From The Bottom.” 

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As previously reported, the father who took out some frustration in the form of whipping his misbehaving daughters with a cable wire is now facing criminal charges for the act. The Dayton, Oh. father has been accused of allegedly beating his children with a video cable from his television and DVD system. 

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Twerking, the popular and s-xually suggestive dance craze, is so popular that it even has a Wikipedia entry. After a father discovered his two teenaged daughters recording a twerk video to post to Facebook, the man took extreme measures in disciplining the girls.