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Leave it up to WorldStarHipHop to have a hand in spreading a controversial video that’s now gone viral. Last week, a user submitted a clip of four teenage boys rapping about their prowess at giving oral to other boys and worked in a scheme using Drake’s smash hit, “Started From The Bottom.” 

The clip of the quartet of baby-faced Black boys starts off low key, but things get interesting when each take turns spitting bars about going down on other boy parts. Filmed outdoors on what appears to be a side street alley, each explains in graphic detail all manner of s-xual acts. Trying to find lines to transcribe from the clip is nearly impossible, with each rhyme more over the top than the next.

The grand finale of the freestyle features the boys rapping in unison, “Started from the d-ck, now we here/Started sucking d-ck, now we’re sucking on your pubic hair!”

By no means is there anything shocking about the gay youth movement and their involvement in Hip-Hop culture. What may put many viewers off is the fact these middle or high school-aged children are talking about acts casually as if they’re shooting hoops with their friends.

To be fair, veteran rappers Mobb Deep were both teenagers when their first big hit, “Hit It From The Back,” came out in the early 90s.  The pair kept the imagery toned down for the most part. This new generation of young rappers is apparently much bolder.

Check out the video of boys rapping below. Let us know what you think of their tune in the comments.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop

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